A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Asa Cox | Arcanum 055

A Kiwi Original - Asa Cox | Arcanum 055

Asa Cox is the CEO of Arcanum AI... a company that is empowering New Zealand businesses to see things previously unseeable or unknowable and that's translating into better business outcomes. Arcanum has built over 50 machine learning models that can learn from your video, text and data across a number of problems that humans can't solve on our own. While AI may sound futuristic, Asa makes it sound like now is the time to start exploring what you might want to see or know with the help of a dash or two of AI.




2 mins 18 secs When machine learning and AI helps to achieve business outcomes. We look at some business examples.

4 mins 31 secs Getting quality data from factory floor manufacturing machines into a data lake to extract insights.

8 mins 16 secs Getting the business side of an organisation to understand the meaningful impact that technology can have.

10 mins 23 secs Successful business use cases deploying computer vision across sports, shopping malls and even power line maintenance.

12 mins 25 secs The 50 machine learning models for video, text and structured data. the problems they've been built for and how Arcanum's models are different from GPT-3.

14 mins 21 secs Narrow AI.

15 mins 45 secs The Arcanum AI full stack team that goes from research through to support and maintenance.

17 mins 41 secs Finding the next customer.

20 mins 17 secs New Zealand's software skills and the advantage of dealing with a broader range of business problems.

23 mins 8 secs Data security, privacy and who owns the algorithm.

27 mins 52 secs Trusting algorithms or humans?

33 mins 7 secs Why AI isn't like the movies, how it's more accessible than ever and why now's the time to start exploring it's capability for any sector.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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