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A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original - Andy Hamilton | Icehouse ex CEO 007

A Kiwi Original - Andy Hamilton | Icehouse ex CEO 007

Covid-19 has impacted the world in a way few of us have experienced before.

And while it may seem all encompassing and overwhelming at times… A Kiwi Original is not about daily news… nor will it ever be.

However…. it doesn’t make sense to continue the show without at least acknowledging the significant changes upon all of us and what that means for business.

We will continue with A Kiwi Original as a show that delivers you uniquely Kiwi stories delivering to New Zealand’s future.

However this episode is different because I wanted to put the immediate needs of Kiwi businesses in this current lockdown phase top of mind.

Andy Hamilton Founder of Icehouse - is a well respected adviser in times like these because he’s been there for Kiwi businesses for the last two decades. Although he left Icehouse 6 months ago, that doesn’t change his body of knowledge and ability to advice on what savvy businesses should be doing right now.

Andy is the former CEO of The Icehouse and is now a Director of its investment arm, Icehouse Ventures. He is also a Director of Ahi Innovation a consulting and investment company with his family. He is a director of UneeQ (a digital human company), a director of Auxilio Pharmaceuticals (medicinal CBD startup), a partner of Indigo (innovation agency), an advisor to Snap Rentals, an advisor to the Minister for Small Business, Stuart Nash and a supporter/mentor to a bunch of other start-ups and SMEs some of which pay him. His investments include a few tech start-ups as well as Blue Frog Breakfast.

Specialties: pattern matching, navigating the path forward for business owners and founders, networks and connections, investment.

So in this episode… we talk on a ton of different issues that are related to the here and now including:

- rethinking your cost base over the next 4 weeks.

- being creative about how you can earn revenue.

- being inventive so you can keep your people so you can restart after lockdown.

- looking at what is possible and asking your staff what they’re prepared to do.

Key timestamps to jump forward to:

10mins 48 Trading together and bartering.

12 mins 28s What do I have to sell right now?

12 mins 40s What do I have to sell, if I could build it?

17 mins 24s Know what your bottom line is and your numbers.

19 mins 57s Share the questions with your team.

21 mins 21s Assets, Boundaries and Narrative approach to problem solving.

25 mins 33s Where demand is already such as China.

27 mins 35s We need to hustle in to the pockets of opportunity to be able to survive.

29 mins 36s Andy’s family plan to keep life joyful through this

32 mins 01s Reach out to people every day.

A Kiwi Original
A Kiwi Original
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